Do you get Vitamin D from Indoor Sun Tanning?

When you use a tanning bed or booth to get a tan, it is called indoor tanning. Indoor tanning makes use of artificial UVA and UVB light to tan the skin, instead of sunlight.

Having a sun-kissed skin is something that many women want to achieve. Beauty experts say that having a tanned skin looks healthier. Others go on a vacation to get a tan while some opt for indoor professional tanning solutions.

There are many benefits to indoor tanning. This is better than staying under the sun. However, both indoor tanning and natural tanning expose the skin to UV rays so you have to choose the one that has less exposure to UV and that is with the use of indoor tanning beds.

Vitamin D is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin because the skin produces it as a response to sunlight. Aside from that, vitamin D can also come from foods and supplements to make sure that you are getting the right amount of vitamin D in your blood.

Vitamin D is important in regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and maintaining a good immune system. Getting the right amount of vitamin D is important for bone and teeth growth. If the body does not get enough vitamin sunshine, a person is at risk of bone abnormalities.

There are a lot of benefits that come with indoor tanning and these can help you decide why you can choose to tan indoors instead of going far away to get the sun.

Aside from getting out in the sun to get a gorgeous tan, people are also after vitamin D exposure. A short time under the sun without using sunscreen can give you your daily vitamin D supply.

Sounds easy? Well, if you are living in places where winters are dark, getting your vitamin D supply can be hard. This is where professional tanning solutions come into play. By going to a tanning center, you can get your vitamin D supply and prevent various problems such as anxiety and even depression.

Sunless tanning can give you a golden glow you always want and it can also make your body produce vitamin D.

It can be unusual to hear that indoor tanning reduces cancer risk. UV rays are harmful to the body because they can kill the normal cells and help the abnormal cells grow. A boost in vitamin D can reduce the risk of getting some cancers such as ovarian, kidney, and breast cancer.

The risk for skin cancer is also lowered when you choose indoor tanning. The amount of time you spend on tanning beds is less because you will not fall asleep on it as opposed to people who sleep on the beach while sunbathing.

There is a proper way of using tanning beds and these should be followed to make sure that you are safe the whole time you are using it.

Aside from getting that glow, hormonal balance and oil production are also benefits that you get from indoor tanning. You do not get the harmful UV rays of the sun in indoor tanning.

Indoor tanning can help you in your diet since the UV rays can improve your metabolic rate by stimulating the thyroid gland.

Winter can make you want to eat more comfort food because your mood goes low because of a lack of vitamin D. But with indoor tanning beds, you can keep a happy mood.

The sun can make scars worse. However, some scars that look better when you use indoor tanning beds. They will look the same as your tanned skin so it will blend in instead of standing out like before.

Going on a vacation to a tropical place can be quite expensive if you want to get a tan. When using professional tanning solutions, you can still get your tan without having to go miles away.

Indoor tanning beds can help you save a trip to the tropics because not everybody can afford a trip. You only have to spend a little money and use half an hour of your day to get a tan.

If you are suffering from psoriasis and eczema, going to a tanning expert for light therapy can help these skin problems. They are itchy and disturbing but light therapy can be very effective.

According to research, sunbed users are calmer and more relaxed compared to those who do not use it. UV radiation can increase the production of happy hormones. So when you are feeling low, a little sunshine can boost your mood.

There are a lot of tanning salons to choose from. They might offer the same services at affordable prices. To avoid wasting time and money, here are some helpful tips in choosing the right tanning salon for you.

First of all, a good tanning salon must have good customer service. The friendly staff can go a long way. You can also check out how much they know about tanning and if they can assist you properly. The staff must be able to give a recommendation based on your skin type. It is one way of determining if they are knowledgeable enough.

Hygiene is another important factor to check in a tanning salon. Before availing the services of a tanning salon, go for a visit and ask to see the facility. You can also check if the salon also offers other extra services such as goggles to protect your eyes and quality indoor tanning lotions.

Aside from these, price and convenience also have a role to play. Salons can offer different pricing methods based on the packages. Ask for the breakdown of each package they offer to help you finally decide which salon to go to.

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