Do You Have to Shave Your Whole Body for a Spray Tan?

So, are you looking to have that perfect bronze tan? To arrive at that perfect tan, you need to prepare your skin well. Shaving is one of the steps in preparing for a full body spray tan. When it comes to shaving, timing and the products you use are critical. In today’s article, we discuss the proper preparation procedure for a full-body spray tan.

Why Should You Shave Before a Spray Tan?

Shaving before a spray tan helps you get a more even natural, looking tan. We recommend that you shave before your spray tan appointment because of the following tips.

  • Shaving your legs before a spray tan removes the hair leaving your skin smooth. If you have hair on your legs on your spray tan appointment, it could cause your tan to appear patchy, as the hairs get in the way of the spray tan reaching out your skin evenly.
  • Shaving is another form of exfoliating, which is another crucial step in prepping your skin for a spray tan. It helps remove dead skin cells from the top of your skin, further preparing your skin. However, remember to exfoliate your skin using a mitt or body scrub containing no oils.
  • Shaving before a spray tan is a good idea because it means that you will wait for a long before shaving again after your spray tan. This helps preserve your tan.

When Should I Shave?

Avoid shaving as much as possible after the tan has been applied. Shaving strips away some spray tans cause the color to fade faster or become uneven. Thus, it’s always advisable to shave a day before your spray tan appointment and wait to shave again when necessary. There is nothing wrong with shaving regularly after a spray tan, only that you will have to reapply the tan more frequently if you choose to do so.

Can You Wax or Pluck with a Tan?

If you have a spray tan, you want to avoid waxing at all costs. Waxing strips away the tan solution and ruins the look of your tan. Thus, if you are a wax person, it is always best to do so before your spray tan is applied. Make sure you wax at least two to three days before your spray tan appointment for a perfect tan. This is because waxing opens up your pores, and these open pores can lead to more irritation and skin issues or tan build-up within them—all things you want to avoid.

The same applies to plucking, as it also opens up your pores. There is nothing wrong with plucking out a stray hair or two on the day of your tan or a few hours before you get tan. However, after your spray tan appointment, you should avoid plucking any hairs until at least your initial rinse as the tan develops.

Spray Tan Shaving Tips

Even as you are shaving your hair, it is essential to remember that you need to consider the products you use while sharing. Shaving makes your skin sensitive and irritable, so you want to use products that are gentle on the skin. Below are some safe shaving products.

Alcohol-free Shaving Creams

Almost all shaving products contain alcohol, but some have fewer amounts of alcohol than others. Thus, it’s advisable to choose products that have little to no alcohol in them. This way, you will minimize the irritableness that comes with shaving. Pure Gillette products is a good option.

Electric Razors

If you can afford to invest in a good electric razor, please do so. An electric razor is less harsh than a traditional razor and gives you a close finish, this means you can skip daily shaving. It is also good on tanned skin and will not exfoliate the top layers ensuring the color stays on.

Spray Tan Shaving Tips – After a Spray Tan

After your spray tan appointment, use these tips to maintain your tan.

Use a Brand-New Razor

Use a brand-new razor so you don’t scrape off the tan with a blunt razor. Old razors tend to be abrasive and can result in exfoliation of the skin cells, leading to the loss of tan color.

Use a Mild-Shaving Cream

Find a shaving that does not contain any alcohol that will take away the color of your skin. You can even forego shaving cream and shave with an oil-free moisturizing body wash.

Glide Your Razor

You want to be extra gentle while using a razor on your newly tanned skin. Being too extreme or applying pressure may take away some of the colors, and you don’t want that.

Spray Tan Shaving FAQs

Can I shave after tanning?

You can shave after tanning, but you need to wait at least eight to twenty-four hours after the appointment to shave your body. This ensures the tan has settled well in your body.

What happens if I tan without shaving?

If you decide to get your spray tan with unshaved legs and body, you will get a streaky or uneven tan.

What will happen if you shave after a spray tan appointment?

You will run the risk of losing your fresh tan. It is best if you wait at least eight hours to ensure the tan sticks.

Will shaving take off my tan?

Shaving immediately after your spray tan appointment will take off some of the colors. If you use a blunt razor after waiting eight hours will take off some of the colors.


So, to cut a long story short, you don’t have to shave your whole body, even if you want a full-body spray tan. We recommend shaving the legs and your underarms. Although shaving is not a MUST, we recommend it for the perfect spray tan. Shaving ensures that the spray tan product reaches the skin without any hindrance, giving you that perfect tan.

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