Is Indoor Tanning Safe for Pregnant Women?

Are you looking forward to the summer season but somewhat worried about being out in the sun too long now that you are pregnant?

Looking tan and having sun-kissed skin can help you feel more confident and beautiful despite the hormones of pregnancy affecting you. However, you also need to protect the newest member of the family and make sure that everything you use is safe for pregnancy.

Whether you are pregnant or not, too much exposure to the sun can cause premature aging, put you at risk for skin cancer, dry up your skin, and so much more.

Getting a spray tan during pregnancy is considered to be a treat by many. If you feel tired and down from the demands of another little person growing inside you, sometimes a tan can make you feel so good.

Ultraviolet light is important in a person’s development. However, today, we have established the fact that staying out in the sun for too long can increase the risk of developing carcinomas and melanomas. Indoor tanning is a safe way to get the benefits of sunlight.

Indoor tanning is a good way to improve skin color in a short time. Despite what others say, indoor tanning is safe and effective.

Tanning can make the scars and stretch marks look lighter and less visible. Take note that full-body tanning does not wipe the scars. Since the scars are darker than a person’s skin tone, they usually stand out. By tanning, the scar can blend on the skin and will not be too obvious.

Thinner scars will get better results as it gives the illusion of reducing the marks.

Jaundice that results from medical conditions and medication side effects can also be toned down by tanning. The skin will look darker as the yellowish tinge is covered.

The skin is the largest organ and is the first line of defense. Many skin conditions respond to UV light and production of too much oil is prevented. Dry skin is also soothed. Exposure to UV triggers the production of vitamin D and can give more benefits to the skin.

Keeping healthy skin will lessen the risk of infections.

Exposure to UV light can make the thyroid gland more active and as a result, the body’s metabolism increases. This can somehow help in weight loss.

Sunbathing under the heat of the sun can cause skin cancer. Staying under the heat of the sun for an extended time is not healthy for the skin. Indoor tanning makes tanning a lot safer.

Indoor tanning provides controlled doses of sunshine. It is done by professionals and the sessions are under a time limit. You can be sure that you are safe.

However, to have peace of mind, you can do research first before going to a tanning salon. This means doing an ocular and reading up on the reviews to have an idea of how the tanning salon treats its customers.

Here are some tips to prepare before you go for a tanning session:

  1. Before going to the salon, shave and exfoliate your body. But do not use harsh exfoliants.
  2. Remove your make up and deodorant if any. These things can be a barrier to the tanning spray and will leave uneven patches of skin.
  3. It is best to get fully undressed as you wait for the therapist. If you wish to keep underwear on, use something like a thong. Wearing too much can leave you with white patches.
  4. Any pieces of jewelry must and accessories must also be removed.
  5. Tell the therapist if you want to follow a certain look or a certain shade.

Is indoor tanning safe for pregnant women?

Pregnant or not, exposure to the sun will put you at a higher risk for premature skin aging and skin cancer.

There is no concrete evidence that gives proof that tanning beds can harm your baby. However, overheating and other ways that may raise your body temperature should be avoided.

A Spray bottle is also a good full body tanning option if you are pregnant. Avoiding UV rays will ensure healthier skin and lower the risk of skin cancer or chloasma.

The active ingredient in spray tans is dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is said to penetrate the skin. However, based on studies, it is not true. Health care providers suggest women wait until after the first trimester before getting a tan. DHA can be found in cosmetics and there have been no issues.

When you go for a tan during pregnancy, the skin might be more sensitive to the effects of radiation and can be related to pregnancy hormones. This usually happens whether you go for a tanning bed or get a direct tan and not wear sunscreen when you go out.

Some women can develop chloasma during pregnancy where there are dark patches on the skin. This is also called the mask of pregnancy. Exposure to the sun can make this worse so this can also be triggered by tanning.

Pregnant women cannot avoid radiation just like they will be exposed to some during ultrasounds. However, knowing the risk by limiting UV radiation exposure is a good start.

Pregnancy can dry out your skin so using a moisturizer after tanning is an effective way to keep your tan looking fresh.

Tanning solutions may have a scent that may not normally bother you. Since pregnant women are more sensitive to smell around them, tanning solution scents may irritate them at some point. So it is best to check a solution before you go for a tanning session.

This is why it is important to choose a good tanning salon that is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to tanning pregnant women. Tanning can help make a woman feel good about herself when she feels like she looks awful because of her pregnancy.

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