The Best Time to Use Your Tanner

Welcome to Westwood’s go-to tanning boutique, where achieving a sun-kissed glow is both an art and a science. Timing matters when using self-tanners for seamless results. After you’ve treated your body, use what remains on the mitt for your feet – effortless yet effective.

Gently brush it over heels and toes. Blend well without wasting the product. Hands require care, too! With our guide, they’ll look naturally bronzed in no time!

Understanding Your Tanner’s Peak Efficiency

To hit your Tanner’s peak efficiency, know when the sun hits just right. Your body’s ready to soak up rays from mid-morning ’till before late afternoon. This window gives you that golden glow without overdoing it.

Keep sessions short. Think 15 minutes tops for a safe tan boost without harm. In Westwood, tanning boutiques get this spot on. They match those prime hours, so you can pop in and out with ease. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of perfect timing, making sure your skin gets top treatment under careful watch.

Remember: It’s all about balance and smart timing for that ideal tan!

Before Special Events or Vacations

Before you head out for that special event or take off on your vacation, prep is key. Start with a gentle scrub using S+B Exfoliating Scrub and Mitt the night before to smooth your skin. Stay hydrated too. It’s vital since flying and fun can dry you out fast.

For an extra hydration hit, consider IV Drip Hydration. Adding vitamins might just boost your glow even more! Book that Airbrush Tan 1-2 days in advance. Your color needs time!

Seasonal Considerations for Optimal Results

In summer, you get good light. Use your tanner then for top results. Sun helps set it right and fast.

But in cold times, the sun is weak. So wait or find a warm spot inside during midday when sunlight peaks through windows to aid setting. New tech makes BR SunSpa’s tan last weeks longer than others out there. It works well with any skin type too.

Plus, there’s no bad smell or orange tint—just a perfect bronze glow every time. Remember to hydrate often to keep your skin soft. That way, your tan looks smooth and even better!

Post-Exfoliation Best Tanning Practices

After you exfoliate, wait a bit before tanning. Your skin needs time to settle. Give it twenty-four hours at least; this lets your new cells adjust.

Only then, go for that tan! Also, keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. Moisturized skin takes color best. When you’re ready to apply the tanner, do so in even strokes and use just enough product; there is no need for excess.

Make sure every part gets covered, but don’t overdo any area. Less is more here! Lastly, let the tanner dry fully. Patience pays off with an even golden hue that looks natural and lasts longer.

Aligning with Natural Skin Cycles

To align with your skin’s natural cycles, it’s key to tan when renewal is at its peak. Your skin sheds old cells and grows new ones mostly at night. So, tanning in the evening maximizes this cycle.

Apply your tanner after you shower; exfoliate first for even coverage. Use a good scrub carefully with trusted razors before shaving for smoothness. Moisturize dry spots next, focusing on ankles, knees, and hands.

Mix lotion with drops to ensure better absorption into these dryer areas, preventing an uneven tan. Smooth on your favorite regular or express tan evenly using circular strokes. Let it develop overnight or within hours to suit fast needs versus consistency preferences.

Don’t rush unless necessary. Slow, consistent care pays off, so use quick options mindfully when pressed for time. Otherwise, stick to the standard routine for the best effects. In the morning, wash gently without soap to maintain the oils needed for hydration. Then moisturize daily to keep skin soft and prolong color life.

Always adapt routines to stay flexible around personal schedules, still aiming for effective application methods for quality, lasting results. Make small adjustments for a big difference in the overall experience and outcome.

Pre-Tan Preparation Tips

Before you tan, prep your skin. Use a Tan Remover Mitt for this. Start with clean skin; no makeup or lotion should be on it.

Rub in detox cotton extract and probiotics, which clean deep, to prepare the prime base for tanning at our Westwood boutique. Spread plenty of it onto dry skin before your tan session. Let this sit for five minutes, then wash off using warm water as you gently scrub away old cells.

Now, follow these steps to make sure each fake-tan try gives the golden look we all want! Remember: don’t use any other products before coming to us. It’s key if you seek perfect results without mix-ups!

Aftercare to Prolong Tan Longevity

Keep your tan looking fresh longer after you visit the tanning boutique in Westwood. Wait 10 to 12 hours before you hit the shower so your glow sets in just right. Don’t fret when the water turns a bit brown. It’s not your new color running off!

It’s only the top layer of bronzer that’s coming away. Once dry, slather on cream to keep the skin soft and supple. This step is key for a lasting tan. Make hydration part of your daily routine as well; drink lots of water for skin that stays smooth with a radiant golden hue long after summer fades.

Choosing when to apply your tanner can impact the results. With BR SunSpa, a golden glow appears best after you exfoliate and before bedtime.

Ensure skin is clean and free from barriers like lotions or makeup for optimal absorption. Giving it time while you sleep maximizes development, ensuring an even tan come morning. Plus, any guide color easily washes out of sheets compared to clothes during daytime wear! Remember this tip: nighttime is prime for that perfect sun-kissed look with BR SunSpa.

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