10 Tanning Tips for a Selfie-Ready Tan

Every woman craves enjoying a great vacation but retaining a tan that friends can admire. Regardless of the depth of the chosen color or the tanning formula used, the secret to a golden glow lies in the preparation and the application. When done right, these two aspects can give you an elusive, streak-free, and long-lasting tan.

If you’re looking to achieve a selfie-ready tan, here are ten tips:

1. Shave at least 24 hours before

Experts recommend that nothing should come between you and the tan. For that reason, they recommend shaving at least one day before applying your favorite skin tan product. This can help you achieve an effective and evenly coat. Choose an appropriate hair removal method that will leave your skin silky smooth, and hair-free. Within 24 hrs after shaving, the hair follicles will have closed up to avoid a speckled look.

2. Exfoliate before tanning

Exfoliation is one of the important steps to take if you want to achieve a long-lasting, deep tan. This process removes all the dead cells that can prevent a uniform tan. Experts recommend exfoliating a few days before exposing yourself to the sun to make the skin a little sensitive and more prone to sunburns. Use non-chemical methods and environmentally friendly products, including brushes and body scrubs. Remember to hydrate the skin after showering.

3. Mind your diet

Unknown to many people, the food you eat has a significant impact on your tanning. Experts recommend consuming certain vegetables, as they can help your skin get ready from the inside. For instance, certain vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes contain Beta-carotene and lycopene, which can increase the body’s resistance against ultraviolet rays (UV). Some dietary supplements can also help prepare the skin from the inside.

4. Start with a mock tan

If you’re worried about the outcome of a body tan, you can start by applying a fake tan to put you in the mood. Experts recommend applying a tanning lotion a week ahead of the actual tan. You can do this gradually after every two or three days.

Some self-tanning gels have natural effects, and others yield results faster. However, tanning lotions don’t provide any protection against the sun as natural tanning. It’s therefore advisable to keep yourself protected with sunscreen while going to the beach.

5. Make sunscreen your best friend

What many are not aware of is that sunscreen can help you get a tan, albeit slowly but safely. When choosing a sunscreen product, consider various factors such as SPF or broad spectrum. Also, check whether it protects against UVA and UVB. Broad-spectrum sun lotions protect the skin against UVA, while SPF protects against UVB.

It’s also important to choose the right SPF, which is the term used to describe how long you can stay in the sun. For instance, if your product has an SPF30, it means you can stay in the sun 30 times longer than if you were not wearing any protection. Some sunscreens have SPF50, but this often provides a false sense of security and makes users forget to reapply it as required. SPF30 is often preferable, but people with dark skin can just use SPF15.

6. Natural oils deliver faster tanning

Some natural oils are believed to deliver a deeper tan much faster while protecting the skin. According to experts, coconut oil is a good example of this type of organic oil. Other natural oils include olive oil, hazelnut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil. Natural oils can help achieve a golden glow while enhancing the skin’s elasticity and keeping it moisturized.

It’s advisable to blend a variety for the best results. You can also buy the oils separately and apply them for at least 30 minutes before heading to the beach. This allows the oils to penetrate the skin. Remember to apply sunscreen on top.

7. Expose yourself progressively

Many people forget this, but it’s one of the most important rules to achieving a deep and long-lasting tan. Exposing yourself progressively also protects your skin because if you expose yourself to the sun for many hours at once, you risk getting sunburns, and your skin is likely to peel.

This could lead to skin cancer, and it spoils the beauty of your skin too. Therefore, gradual exposure through short tanning sessions can do the trick.

8. Remember your daily tanning limit

Experts recommend sun exposure of two to three hours per day on average. After reaching your daily tanning limit, the body can no longer produce any more melanin. It’s equally important to take some breaks and stay in the shadow. This allows the skin to cool down and reduces burning risks. You can also use the breaks to reapply sunscreen, drink water, and eat some fruits.

9. Hydration is important

It’s always important to keep the body hydrated daily, as this is good for skin regeneration. Experts recommend drinking lots of water to keep the body moist from the inside and applying some lotions or natural oils to keep the skin moisturized. Some experts also recommend keeping salted water on.

It’s believed that sea salt can help achieve a tan quicker because it draws sunlight onto the skin. It works similarly to how natural oils help people get tanned faster. Therefore, it’s advisable not to dry your skin once you get out of the sea and don’t shower immediately.

10.  Keep changing positions

Changing position frequently allows the sun to reach every inch of your skin. Experts also recommend moving swimsuits, especially the top strips, to eliminate the possibility of visible tan lines. It’s always best to get a uniform tan.

Importantly, you should avoid sunbeds because they are dangerous and don’t provide any vitamin D as you can get from the sun. Additionally, don’t expose yourself to the sun for long hours, especially between 12 pm and 4 pm when the sun is the brightest and most dangerous.

Final Thoughts

An even skin tan can be one of the things you want to do to your skin. However, without following the right procedure and tips, you cannot achieve the best tan. If you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you can get a selfies-ready tan that can get darker faster.

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