Does Spray Tanning Improve Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a subject that runs down through a myriad of debates. Psychologists have defined self-esteem as a state of mind. What a person feels about himself or herself based on history and the history could stem back to childhood and the experiences in the early stages of life.

Achievements and failures also determine how one feels or judges himself /herself. The primary point of focus here is how spray tanning affects (if at all it does) self-esteem. We shall look at it from different angles. Since there is no straightforward answer to it.
Why do people prefer spray tanning?

The effect of spray tanning is to give the skin a glossy look that brings out a beauty queen or a kingfish feeling out of a person. Many celebrities take this beauty aspect. Why? They already have what it takes to soar on the face of the earth but they still need it.

On the other hand, even the non-celebs take this spray tanning to meet particular goals in life. All this centers around “feeling good.”

Let’s look at the image aspect based on the previous customers to spray tanning. An expert on spray tanning talks about the excuses people make before he does the spraying. All the statements are geared towards an “explanation” to make the service provider comfortable in the spraying booth.

“Sorry about my huge thighs.”

“Don’t mind my wobbly tummy.”

“The mark on belly shouldn’t scare you.”

A critical look at these statements come around to image. And that is the next point of viewing the spray tanning and whether it affects self-esteem.


Spray tanning does not last long. It is a 5-15 days change. The reason being, it only affects the upper part of the skin and not the thick skin. That makes one conscious of how they will look like shortly before the elapse of the grace period. Indeed, 80% of the people who have done the spray tanning in US book the next appointment long before the period ends. This population gets back to life as soon as they get the next dose back. At this point, they feel great about themselves and the look.

On the contrary

Try to look at the aspect of self-love, self-respect, achievements, and failures. A person, who builds the spirit of self-love and has an environment that is supportive and appreciates their look, will have the little diversion of attention towards what they lack.

Without the self-love, one counter attacks the “deficiency” by adding beauty to the skin. The mind gets tricked to make one feel at par with the surrounding.

With all said, the question remains does spray tanning improve self-love? In the real sense, spray tanning does not improve self-esteem. If you have achieved much and beaten goals, if you come from an environment that boosts your self-love and appreciation, that will be a great compensation to what lacks on your skin.

On the other hand, when one is too conscious of the looks, spray tanning will give them the desired satisfaction!

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