Full Body Tanning for Competition

Bodybuilding competitions and other fitness events show us a series of perfectly toned and tanned bodies strutting their stuff on stage. Full body tanning allows them to enrich their skin tones so that the depths of the muscles they worked so hard to carve and grow will become more apparent.

Tanning makes the crevices pop and the shadows appear deeper so that each muscle group will be clearly set apart from the rest. It also gives a healthier glow that can make someone appear more vibrant and attractive.  However, full-body tanning is not as easy as slapping on some tanning lotion and calling it a day. There are countless considerations to take since not every skin tone is the same. As such, there is no universal color that everyone can just try out.

Full Body Tanning Preparation

It is advisable to prepare your tanning session two to three days before the competition. This allows the tan to fade to a natural shade while staying fresh. Additionally, make sure to book a full body waxing appointment. This gets rid of all the body hair that can interfere with your tan. Your tan will stick better and appear more even if there are no hair strands blocking the way.

When your hair seems to be growing back after your waxing appointment, just shave and lightly exfoliate. These steps will leave your skin looking soft and smooth without any stubble. As for exfoliation, use a dry or damp buffer and lightly go over your skin. Rinse under running water and carefully pat dry.

Appointment No. 1: Base Coat

Your first tanning appointment is for the base coat. This is the first layer that will make contact with your skin and it ensures that you retain that golden glow no matter what. Head to your appointment with loose clothing. This ensures that the product won’t get rubbed or smudged. Additionally, your body should be free of any product such as lotions, deodorant, and more.

Your base coat tan should develop within 12 to 24 hours after your appointment. Make sure to avoid getting any type of moisture on your skin to ensure that it develops evenly. As such, stay in a cool place to avoid sweating. Plan your workouts ahead so that you won’t risk overlapping a training session after your first appointment. You should also refrain from showering.

SunSpa offers sunless spray tanning that yields a natural and healthy tan that perfectly matches your skin tone. The best part is that you can achieve the perfect base coat in just one visit. This does not involve any sun tanning which tends to be harmful to the skin. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can do more harm than good, and this “cocktail tanning” process will leave serious repercussions on your skin, such as sunspots, signs of aging, wrinkles, and more.

This tanning option also lasts for up to seven days which means that you get to enjoy the tan even after the competition.

Appointment No. 2: Competition Tan

This is the second layer applied after the base coat has fully developed. Consult your coach on the best shade and tone for your spray tan. Other services can whip up the specific spray that you may bring with you on the day of the competition itself. This also helps seal in your tan so that it won’t easily fade or get affected by body oils, sweat, and other sources of moisture.

Finishing Touch For Competition Day

A tanning glaze is typically applied right before the competition starts. This enriches the color of the tan and gives you a healthy glow. It also deepens the tan as darker shades work well with stage lighting. Make sure to apply this about thirty minutes before the competition.

Tanning Tips After The Competition

After the competition, you may want to get rid of the tan. This allows you to cleanly remove the tan rather than letting it fade to uneven patches. You may also do these tips to reduce the intensity of the colors so that you will be left with a natural and even tan.

It is important to remove your tan correctly so that you won’t damage your skin or excessively exfoliate. Too much scrubbing or exfoliation will leave you with dry and brittle skin. Here are the steps:

  1. Take a bath. This effectively removes the tanning glaze as well as an excess tanning solution.
  2. Use an exfoliating scrub, preferably one with organic ingredients and moisturizing properties. Use this in the shower to remove the topmost layer of the skin. This will eliminate dead and dry skin cells which should take some of the tans off as well.
  3. Use an exfoliating glove for an extra scrubbing effect. Exfoliate scrubs may be used on their own or with a bath sponge or towel. However, an exfoliating glove is best for effectively digging into your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. Exfoliating gloves have protruding grooves that gently scrub your skin. You may add some soap or lemon juice to make the process gentler and smoother on the skin.
  4. Use baby oil to remove more layers of dead skin cells. Simply rub on a fine layer of baby oil, leave on for about ten minutes, rinse, and then exfoliate.
  5. Don’t forget to remove the spray tan stuck to your palms and nails. Use a toothbrush and some whitening products. Dig in under the nails to effectively eliminate any traces.

For additional guidance on how to achieve that perfect full body spray tanning for competitions, head over to our boutique. Consult with our tanning experts for the perfect shade that goes naturally with your skin tone. Get ready to rock the competition and appear as your best self.

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