The Many Benefits of a Spray Tan

After winter, it is time to revive your body with a beautiful golden glow that speaks of the beach with your best buddies. You can skip the extensive hours in the sun, and those harmful UV rays – BR Sun Spa can provide you with a full body spray tan. You can have perfectly bronzed skin that highlights your natural beauty in one session.

According to a survey done by the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), 58% of adults think a tan makes people look more attractive. Also, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it’s estimated that one out of five Americans will have a skin cancer diagnosis by the time they are 70 years of age.

Spray tans have DHA (dihydroxyacetone). This is the most important component of sunless tanners. It is obtained from beets. It reacts with the skin’s amino acids and epidermis to convert the skin into brown. Sunless tan only lasts from 7 to 10 days because of the skin cells that drop as time goes by.

Another important part of tanning is the bronzer. It gives you the impression of how the tan will look after the development of DHA. Traditional spray tan takes around 12 hours to set, while an accelerated tan will take less time.

Here are the many benefits of a spray tan:

  1. No UV Exposure. You can have that sun-kissed glow without risking your health. Long hours of UV exposure increase the risk of skin-related cancers like melanoma. Experts believe that 90% of melanomas are caused by UV exposure. It also causes premature skin aging, dark spots, and sunspots. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and your first line of defense against diseases, so you have to keep it healthy.
  2. More Toned and Slimmer. 70% of people say that tanning makes your skin look toned and slimmer. The tanning products suit all skin colors and cater to different body types.
  3. Natural Glow. There are a lot of testimonials about DIY tans that went wrong (orange tints and zebra streaks). A full body spray tan that is done by a professional delivers a 100% natural-looking, even-toned, and perfectly bronzed tan that looks like you just came from a long vacation on the beach. You will have a year-round glow.
  4. Lifted Spirits and Boosted Confidence. A spray tan makes people look more attractive. Hence it boosts their confidence. They feel great because it promotes a better self-image. 85% of women agreed that they immediately felt positive after a tanning session. They can display their bodies without feeling awkward.
  5. Time-Saving. You can have Instagram-worthy skin instantly. You can have the shade you want in 15-20 minutes. You can have an instant glow for an unscheduled event. It’s a quick process that can easily fit into your busy schedule.
  6. Camouflage Small Imperfections and Scars. The tanning product can hide imperfections like stretch marks, cellulite, spider veins, blemishes, and other scars. It can also cover freckles and small pimples.
  7. Keep Your Body Nourished. There are hydrating spray tan products to keep your skin hydrated all the time.
  8. Streak-free Coverage. Spray tans do not leave you feeling messy like tanning lotions. You also get an even tan because the process is done by a tanning professional. Your bronze look will look as natural as possible.
  9. Smooth and Even Application. In DIY tanning or sunbathing, it’s so hard to get an event tan. Your knees will end up darker than your arms, legs, and torso. You can also end up with awkward bikini lines. If you undergo spray tanning in a salon, then you will have a smooth and even application. The tanning product is applied with a fine mist so the color will be uniform.
  10. Customizable Color. DIY tanning products are not always the color that you want them to be. There are too many factors that come into it – setting time, amount, brand, and application type. At a tanning spa, you can choose the perfect shade. You can always ask the professionals if you’re not sure about what you want.

Some FAQs:

1. Is spray tanning right for me? It depends on the health and condition of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you might break out as a response to the tanning product. Undergo a patch test first. Determine the strength of DHA to get your perfect shade. The lightness and darkness of a spray tan depend on the skin’s response to DHA exposure.

2. How much does it cost? It varies depending on the salon’s location and the professional’s experience. It can range between $20 to $50. Mobile tanning services ranges between $40 to several hundred.

3. How do you prepare for a tanning session?

  • Determine the skin tone you would like to achieve in the session. Book your session two days before the event. Spray tans take about 48 hours to develop.
  • Exfoliate properly to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and debris that can lead to uneven results. It removes natural oil that may prevent the adhesion of tanning products.
  • Shave your skin at least 24 hours before for the best results.
  • Do not use self-tanning products.
  • Have a cold shower before the session.
  • Drink a lot of water. Tanning products stay longer on hydrated skin.
  • Wear dark and loose-fitted clothes to avoid smearing.
  • Apply the nail polish to refrain from staining your nails.
  • Do not use makeup, deodorant, or perfume, which might cause as barriers to your skin.

4. How do you find the perfect tanning salon?

  • The salon should be well-ventilated to minimize DHA inhalation. They should also have exhaust fans.
  • They should have alcohol-free spray tans to prevent skin dryness.
  • Talk to the beautician so you can get an idea of how they treat their clients.
  • They should have low-volume and low-pressure (LVLP) equipment and if they have protective gear.

With a full body spray tan, stunning skin can be yours the whole year round. Contact BR Sun Spa to set an appointment.

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