How to Tan Your Legs If Your Legs Won’t Tan

If you’ve ever tried to tan your legs and noticed they wouldn’t take the color, don’t give up hope! You can still get that perfect tan. There are lots of simple tips and tricks you can use to help make sure your legs look great this summer season.

Firstly, when applying self-tanner or sun lotion, it’s essential that all possible body parts receive equal coverage, especially difficult areas such as knees, ankles, and feet. Next, it’s recommended to exfoliate before application in order for even absorption across the skin’s surface area. Finally, using a gradual build tan product helps ensure results last longer instead of fading away quickly after first use.

So why not try following our advice today and have your amazing-looking golden-brown tanned legs tomorrow?

Prepare Your Skin for Tanning

Getting a beautiful glow on your legs requires some prepping and planning. It’s essential to exfoliate the skin beforehand with an effective body scrub or loofah. This will help eliminate built-up dead cells that block sun rays from penetrating deeper into your skin. Cleaning off any dirt or sweat helps, too, so make sure you have a shower prior!

It’s also beneficial to shave using shaving cream if needed, but be aware of razor burns in case of sensitive skin types due to heat exposure when layering up sunscreen products. Don’t forget to moisturize after all these steps for optimal results, as extra hydration also aids in preventing peeling later on.

Choose the Right Sun Protection

It’s essential to choose the right sun protection. UV rays from direct sunlight can cause skin damage if exposed for long periods of time.

Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or higher and apply it regularly. Keep in mind that sunscreens are generally water or sweat-resistant when selecting one for outdoor activities and other physical exercises. Make sure you cover up any areas where UVA/UVB rays may hit directly with clothing items like hats and sunglasses, which act as additional shields against these harmful radiations.

Even on cloudy days, pick some form of barrier between your skin and solar radiation by applying creams specially formulated with anti-UV ingredients. This will minimize risk significantly while still allowing gradual exposure over time to achieve the desired effect without compromising the health risks associated with sunburns.

Maximize Your Tanning Results

Once you’ve left the sun, moisturize your legs immediately. This ensures that they don’t dry out or become patchy from the heat of tanning outside and can help maintain an even-looking skin tone afterward. It’s also important to note what time it’s when you come in from tanning, as this helps with optimizing results.

Aiming for mid-morning means a lower UV index but still plenty of direct sunlight for achieving great bronze coloring on your legs!

When applying self-tanner to previously tanned areas of your body, like the lower parts, be sure to use a product specifically designed for those areas. Some great options include Carrot Sun Moroccan Tan Accelerator, St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, and Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Milk.

Applying lotion may seem redundant considering how much moisture these products hold. However, it is important to ensure that every inch and centimeter is thoroughly covered. Doing this will ensure an evenly tinted result without any streaks. Don’t forget about hydration altogether, as it makes all the difference in achieving desirable, long-lasting colors after each session!

Aftercare Tips to Maintain a Healthy Glow

You’ve taken the first step in achieving a bronzed look, and now it’s time to focus on aftercare. After tanning your legs, you need to ensure proper cleaning of the area with lukewarm water and mild cleanser so as not to strip away any artificial or natural color achieved. Make sure that no residue remains by thoroughly rinsing off soap from the skin surface before patting gently with a towel.

To further lock in the desired hue, apply an oil such as Argan Oil, which enhances luminosity while also providing ample hydration for longer-lasting results. In addition, consider taking preventive steps against sun exposure over the long term through regular application of sunscreen when outdoors. UV rays can cause serious damage, resulting in dry patches and freckles on the legs’ delicate dermal layers if prolonged contact persists without adequate protection provided!

Last but not least, moisturize frequently, especially right after each session is completed, prior to applying clothes. This will help retain moisture content within deeper collagen fibers, leading to a smoother finish texture gained thus far!

Professional Alternatives at Tanning Boutique Westwood

If you’ve tried all the tanning methods and still find it difficult to get your legs to darken, consider professional alternatives at BR SunSpa. Our professionals offer UV-free spray tans that cover most skin tones for a long-lasting, even color. Using our sunless tanner will also eliminate any potential damage from artificial light sources like traditional tanning beds or creams with self-tanners in them.

In addition, did you know that regular use of moisturizers post-treatment can help maintain longer-lasting effects? Also, if possible, switch out synthetic clothes for natural fabrics when going outside. Synthetics tend not to absorb sweat properly, resulting in excessive drying, which could lead to patchiness later down the line!

BR SunSpa has all the resources to help you get a perfect tan for your legs this season.

Make sure you prepare your skin properly before applying self-tanner or bronzing powder. Exfoliation is an essential step, as it creates a smooth surface and helps the product go on evenly. It’s also important to apply sunscreen regularly, as sun exposure can decrease the longevity of any tan. Additionally, moisturizing before applying self-tanner or bronzing powder can help ensure a more even result. After exfoliating again, lightly apply makeup to enhance your look.

If done right, with patience and time management, you can have beautiful, naturally-looking tanned legs at any given moment!

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